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General Advice

  1. Approach your customer with a smile and look them in the eye.
  2. Mimic their greeting and tone. If a customer greets you with a loud, boisterous "Hello" greet them back in a strong, firm way. If they greet you with a simple "hey" and in a low tone, they probably wont be to thrilled if you are energetic. So greet them with a simple "How ya doin?"
  3. Do your job. If you are a waiter ask them if you can start them off with a drink. If you are a delivery driver let them know how much they owe, etc... Don't waste time, the customer may become impatient easily.
  4. Use their "look" to how you continue to speak with them. If they are dressed nice or elderly, talk to them about something intellectual. If they recently had a baby, ask how they are doing. Engaging in a conversation with them will let them get to know you. This will get them to like you and tip you better.
  5. Confirm the service you are giving to them. This lets them know that you are doing your job correctly and they are getting what they are paying for.
  6. Go out of your way to make them happy and give them a little extra. This could be writing a simple thank you on the receipt or candy with it, or as much as helping them move their couch. But think of creative things that you can do at your job to get that extra buck!