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Section 1

Purpose of this Manual

This Cleaning Manual is for reference purposes only. This manual is not intended to cover every situation you may encounter. When in doubt, please call the office for advice.


Section 2

Weekly Overview

Each week will have three basic elements:

  1. Pickup – weekly schedule, equipment, chemicals and rags
  2. Cleaning houses
  3. Drop Off – equipment, chemicals, rags, Employee Notebook including weekly timesheet and payments


Each week, typically Monday, you will come to the office between 8 and 9 AM to pick up your equipment and supplies for the week.

Your weekly cleaning schedule will be in your Employee Notebook with your name on the spine. Your binder will also consist of a new time sheet, any maps or directions needednotes to be left at customer houses and a pencil bag containing a pen, notepad, payment envelopes and cleaner cards.

The equipment consists of an upright vacuum, a canister vacuum, a tote with chemicals, various dusters, brushes, kneepads, a bag of rags, a bucket and the like. The vacuums are maintained on a regular interval to ensure reliability.

The chemicals are the cleaning products in the tote. Each week, they are filled so you should not run out during a week. The tote is also cleaned and the dusters, brushes and other accessories are replaced as needed.

The rags will be clean and folded in a laundry bag. A separate bag is provided for used rags. All of the used and clean rags are to be dropped off each week.

Cleaning Houses

The main part of the week consists of cleaning the houses. Details for cleaning continue to be listed in the cleaning section.

Drop Off

Each week, by Friday at 6 PM, you are expected to drop off all of your equipment, chemicals, Employee Notebook, paperwork, rags and related items. If other arrangements are not made, a $15 fee will be assessed for late equipment drop off.

If there is maintenance needed on any of the equipment, please leave a note either with the equipment or in your Employee Notebook. The equipment and supplies are refreshed each week.

Employees are expected to keep their own uniforms laundered. Uniforms will be replaced as needed. Please let someone in the office know if your uniform needs to be replaced.


Section 3

Daily Overview

With the exceptions of Mondays and Fridays, the daily routine is fairly simple.

You will drive, from your home, to each house on your schedule. Typically, your day can begin at 9 AM and should be over by 5 PM. But, customer schedules and current workloads can change these times.

Fill out your timesheet at each house. For the corresponding weekday, fill in the customer name, the employee name you are working with (if applicable), the time you start at the house, the time when you finish, the check number of the customer’s payment and the current mileage on your car.

On Mondays, you will list “Office” as your first stop and list the mileage reading for your car. On Fridays, you will list “Office” as your last stop and list the mileage reading for your car.


Section 4

Equipment and Chemicals


Each cleaner has two vacuums.

The upright vacuum is for carpets. The unit has a beater bar for agitating the carpets. Without the beater bar, the vacuum will not pick up well. If you think you smell burning rubber, or if the vacuum does not seem to perform well, turn the vacuum off and check to see if the beater bar is jammed or if the belt has broken. If the vacuum is not performing correctly in any way, call the office and we will arrange for you to get another vacuum.

The canister vacuum is intended for hard surface floors such as wood, vinyl, tile and others. It can also be used to clean some steps, vacuum corners both high and low and to remove cobwebs. Canister vacuums can have the hoses get clogged when picking up larger items. If you notice the vacuum losing suction, turn it off and try to remove any debris that has collected in the hose. A common place for it to be plugged is where the hose bends at the handle. Call the office if you cannot get the problem solved.


Cleaning Chemicals

There are nine different chemicals in your tote. They are for the following purposes:

              Glass cleaner – used for glass and mirror surfaces,

              Floor cleaner – tile and vinyl floors

              Soft Scrub Gel – sinks and bath tubs

              Kaboom – general bathroom cleaner

              Vinegar – wood floors

              Dish Soap – kitchen surfaces and appliances

              Toilet bowl cleaner – toilet bowls

              Stainless Steel cleaner – stainless steel appliance surfaces


Cleaning Rags

We equip you with different types of cloths for different cleaning needs. They are generally to be used for the following applications:

              White terry cloth – general cleaning and drying

              Blue surgical cloths – lint free for glass and mirrors

              Microfiber cloths (varying colors) – dusting and all other cleaning